Hannes von Boyen &
Hannes Völk

Only two musicians with the sound of a big band

Studio Recordings

Studio-recorded by Jacobo Aguirre Fiestas on Finca La Sacristia in 2023

Texts and melodies by Hannes Völk, guitar and vocal, Erwin Hörl Klarinette

I am at the beach

Now I enjoy

Yesterday (Melody of „Yesterday“ by the Beatles)

The world keeps you busy

I wanna go Home

Love Him


Como una llama -rumba flamenca

In the caves of Nerja in 2013 with Dharambir Singh (sitar), Kaviraj Singh (santoor & singing),  Upneet Singh ( tablas) and Bruno Garidou ( flamenco guitar)

Tu sagrada mirada – solea