Vegan and mostly raw

We are vegetarian since 40 years, vegan since 10 years and almost hundred percent raw since 1 year. Each step brought us more health and happiness and helped us for spiritual development. And we could also help many people do the same steps through showing them, how easy it is. We organize Raw vegan potlucks and Raw vegan cooking courses.( see Events)

„Yes, raw vegan food is definitely better for sustainability. Choosing a vegan diet saves more than 4,200 litres of water a day.  If you just can’t face losing your meat, listen to Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the UN Panel on Climate Change who tells us that the best thing humans can do is simply eat less meat.  Choosing a raw food diet can help you fight off disease and illness and strengthen your immune system.  One of the benefits can be weight-loss, that’s because raw foods are lower in calorie density and higher in fibre.  They’re also low in saturated fats, have no cholesterol and contain essential vitamins along with antioxidants, phytonutrients and minerals.  Raw foods are also very hydrating because they are water-rich so they help your vital organs (including your skin) to stay youthful and vital.
Of course, there’s also the ethical reasons why vegan food is better for the environment.  Some people simply don’t like to eat animals because they feel it is wrong.  Others prefer to support organic and sustainable farming, avoiding the big food corporations that advertise and promote processed foods full of chemicals…“