Welcome to Finca La Sacristia

On the hills of the Costa del Sol

Hannes and Maria 

Hannes and Maria 

welcome you

to the Finca La Sacristia on the hills of the Costa del Sol,

close to the „white village“ Benaque.

From here you have a wide view over the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding mountains.

We have a frost-free climate with over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year.

Our motto is:

Change your life- become more healthy and happy!

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Upcoming Évents

Free 6 Month Permaculture Design Course

Startdatum: 2. März 2020

Enddatum: 22. Dezember 2020

Ort: Monte Alegre, Alcaucin, Malaga


A 6-month intensive PDC (Permacultural Design Cours), which is coordinated by our Daniel as a regular teacher.
Don’t miss this UNIQUE opportunity to deepen your knowledge of this holistic science from March to August in a very practical way with the help of a Swiss permacultor who has been coordinating several holistic Permaculture projects in the Axarquia region of Malaga for more than 6 years.

Permaculture Slow Tour

Startdatum: 15. März 2020

Enddatum: 28. Juni 2020

Ort: Benaque

After a brief introduction about the educational day and the place that hosts it, the guide, a renowned Swiss permacultor and musician based in the Axarquia, will offer several tours/sessions that will introduce the visitor to the world of Permaculture and holistic design through the viewing of the different areas of Permaculture, water retention techniques in landscapes; creation of compost, etc.

The highlight of the day will undoubtedly be to share the impressions/reflections of the inspiring experience by tasting a vegetarian-vegan lunch with seasonal organic produce grown largely on the farm.

From February to June and from September to November
Promotion-Tour every 2nd Sunday of the month 65.-€
Promotion first year of private tours outside this date, from 5 people, for 89.-€ -call for availability-.
Languages: Spanish / English / German

Total duration: 6 hours

We do workshops and "Enjoy-Life-Seminars"

We will also offer yoga-classes, small concerts of world-music and workshops in nonviolent communication.

We do workshops and "Enjoy-Life-Seminars"

A permaculture-garden

… is being developed.

We also accept Working Guests

We also accept Working Guests

who can have food and lodging for helping us in our home and garden.

If you are using the work exchange „Hippohelp“ you can find us by clicking here.

No vegetarian/vegan?

If you would like to become, we help you to change your diet.

Often people like to improve their diet, but do not know how to do- but we practically help you!

In less than 3 hours flight

from Germany you reach the destination airport Malaga. From there it is only 30 km up to Finca La Sacristia.

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Macharavialla, Andalucia, Spain


Vegan and mostly raw

Yoga and Mindfullness