Permaculture Slow Tour

Startdatum: 15. März 2020
Enddatum: 28. Juni 2020
Ort: Benaque
Eco-experience on an inspiring sustainable farm


After a brief introduction about the educational day and the place that hosts it, the guide, a renowned Swiss permacultor and musician based in the Axarquia, will offer several tours/sessions that will introduce the visitor to the world of Permaculture and holistic design through the viewing of the different areas of Permaculture, water retention techniques in landscapes; creation of compost, etc.

The highlight of the day will undoubtedly be to share the impressions/reflections of the inspiring experience by tasting a vegetarian-vegan lunch with seasonal organic produce grown largely on the farm.


Meeting point: Benaque

Meeting time: 10:00 h

Dates available:

From February to June and from September to November
Promotion-Tour every 2nd Sunday of the month 65.-€
Promotion first year of private tours outside this date, from 5 people, for 89.-€ -call for availability-.
Languages: Spanish / English / German

Total duration: 6 hours

For the whole family

A day at a very inspiring permaculture farm full of unforgettable surprises for big, small and medium. Depending on the group (more beginners, professionals of the sector, with majority of adolescents or children) more or less demonstrative practices will be made, and, the theoretical explanatory part, will be more or less technical.

Good for the environment

This route of „slow tourism“ with small groups and in a rural environment of the Axarquia of Malaga, is designed to generate the minimum impact between the community of people who inhabit it, and the Nature around which they are hosted. In addition, all the food and gifts offered to the visitor are organically produced, vegan and as local and seasonal as possible.

Educational and environmental awareness tour

Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and feeling why certain practices collaborate to take care of the planet, while we take care of people, will be an unforgettable sensory experience that will help us understand why we have reached the state of declared climate emergency and reflect on what we can do to reverse the situation in our daily lives; at home, school, work, holidays, etc.


„Learning with the 7 senses about Permaculture and its advantages for humans, their environment, and the next 7 generations“, is a sensory journey that immerses the visitor in an integral life project; an invitation to co-create a better future.

„Eco-Experience on an Inspiring Sustainable Permaculture Farm“, is without a doubt, a very inspiring educational route that will captivate and make us reflect on the simple solutions that we can implement in our daily lives – at home, at work or on the farm – to live more in tune with Nature; contributing, at the same time, to do our bit to reverse the state of climatic emergency and minimize our ecological footprint.

Through the explanation and vision of different regenerative practices -compost, edible forests, etc.-, techniques of water retention in the landscape -Swales- and recycling of grey water, the visitor will develop the 7th sense, -the capacity to recognize which practices and actions are in our hands and contribute to a better world; besides receiving a holistic formation in the world of Permaculture and sustainability.



Promotion 2nd Sunday of the month: 65.- € / adults (Min. 8 Persons)
Children under 5 years old are free,
10.- € / children 6 – 12,
50.- € / young people from 12 to 17 years old
Promotion first year of private tours at another date, from 5 people, for 89.-€ -call for availability-.

Possibility to organize transport to the space. Consult conditions

What it includes:

  1. Tour with small groups of minimum 5 to maximum 16 participants through a sustainable farm with explanations – training in Permaculture – and sensorial experiences.
  2. Tasting of fruits, products and wild/cultivated plants from the farm
  3. Vegetarian/Vegan Lunch
  4. A souvenir gift
  5. Didactic material